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You Push.
We Support.

Support For Any Occassion

High Support

High Support

  • Running
  • Court Sports
  • Field Sports

Great for running, soccer and anything gets your heart racing. The perfect balance of control and comfort to hold you in and take pressure off your shoulders.

High Support

Medium Support

  • Cycling
  • Boxing
  • Weight Lifting

Great for trainer, spinning and that dance class you love. These super versatile, supportive designs minimize bounce while maximizing comfort.

High Support

Light Support

  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Barre

Great for barre, Pilates, and post – workout hangouts. Our less – structured designs have a comfortable, soft feel ideal for all day wear and smaller cup sizes.

UA Infinity Bra

Unlocks Confidence from the inside out.

Infinity High Sports Bra reduced 69% of breast movement overall, placing 29th among 194 sports bras previously tested in biometrics lab.

Exterior Pad

Injection molded cup technology with engineered breathability and support

Interior Pad

Interior Infinity shape moves with you in a controlled manner to create breast and body syncronized movement

Revolutionary Support

One-piece, injection-molded design syncs with your body’s natural shape and movement.

Breakthrough Breathability

Breakthrough Breathability

Quick-Dry Innovation

Engineered to be our fastest drying padding yet. (Read: Bye-bye boob sweat)

UA Infinity Bra

Unlocks Confidence From the Inside Out

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Advantage
  • Sports Bras have long been some of the most annoying, yet most important, pieces of equipment out there.

  • We injected it in liquid from a more aerodynamic fit and a much lighter feel. The injection follows a figure 8 infinity pattern that offers adaptable support that follows the movement of your body.

  • The finishing details were perfected for each support level, giving you everything you need.